Starbrite Teak Care Kit w/ Magic Teak Scrub BUNDLE Marine Home Heavy Cleaning

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STA-081216 + 88450

***Ships from Florida***

Teak Care Kit + Magic Scrub BUNDLE

Premium Teak Care Kit


Premium Teak Care Kit contains all you need to refinish old teak of protect new wood. The Premium Teak Cleaner, Premium Teak Brightener, and Premium Golden Teak Oil are all formulated using the best, most high-tech ingredients available for long-lasting protection and beauty. This kit is ideal for use on all fine woods and wood furniture. The easy-to-follow three-step process produces professional-grade results even for first-time users.


  • Kit contains everything needed to clean, restore and protect teak in one convenient package.
  • Each kit contains Premium Teak Cleaner, Premium Teak Brightener and Premium Golden Teak Oil.
  • 16 fl. oz. kit is ideal for use on smaller boats that have minimal teak trim.

Magic Scrub


Excellent for cleaning dirt and stains from teak.


  • Use instead of bronze wool in all heavy cleaning applications.
  • Will not rust, splinter, corrode or wear out.
  • Hundreds of uses on the boat and around the house.

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