StarBrite PRO Star Power Trim & Tilt Fluid - Super Premium All Purpose Hydraulic Fluid for Trim Tabs, Power Tilt & Steering Systems - Anti-Wear, Anti-Foam - Outboard & Stern Drive Systems - 4 Pack

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STA-28532 x 4

Discover the unparalleled reliability and efficiency of StarBrite PRO Star Super Premium Power Trim & Tilt Fluid, expertly formulated for the marine environment. This cutting-edge hydraulic fluid is meticulously engineered to exceed all engine manufacturers' specifications, ensuring your marine equipment operates at its peak. Infused with advanced stabilizing additives, this product offers robust anti-foam, anti-wear, and anti-oxidation properties, safeguarding your hydraulic trim tabs, power tilt, and power steering systems against common issues. Its unique composition significantly enhances the longevity and functionality of seals, hoses, and components by preventing drying, cracking, and corrosion, maintaining their integrity even in harsh marine conditions. With an optimal viscosity of 8 - 10 cSt @ 100C (ISO 68), it guarantees smooth, consistent, and no-fade performance, surpassing OEM warranty requirements. Ideal for all marine trim and tilt applications, this hydraulic fluid is your go-to solution for maintaining and elevating the performance of your marine equipment. Directions: Follow your equipment's manual for the proper application of the fluid in the hydraulic system, ensuring the system is clean before use


  • 4 - 32 oz Bottles of Power Trim & Tilt Fluid
  • Exceeds OEM warranty requirements Formulated to provide consistent (no-fade) performance in all marine trim and tilt applications.
  • These products exceed all engine manufacturers specifications and are designed specifically for the marine environment.
  • Enhanced to protect seals, hoses and other components from drying, cracking or corroding.
  • Anti-foam, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and advanced stabilizing additives assure optimum performance in hydraulic trim tabs, power tilt and power steering systems.
  • Viscosity: 8 - 10 cSt @ 100C - ISO 68

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