Enduro Engineering Separate Start and Stop Buttons to Replace The OEM Combo Button for Beta Motorcycles

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Enduro Engineering Separate Start and Stop buttons to replace the OEM combo buttons.

The conversion kit also allows the user to mount the buttons where ever they would like on their bars, and installation is easy because they clip into the Factory connector behind the front number plate.

Replace your inconvineant, hard to activate OEM Start/Stop buttons with the EE larger easy to use seperate Start/Stop button kit. Pick up a conversion kit today and stop worrying about not being able to start your bike.

Easy to install.


Beta 125RR 2T (2020-2024) 125RR 2T Race Edition (2021-2024) 200RR 2T (2019-2024) 200RR 2T Race Edition (2021-2024) 250RR 2T (2018-2024) 250RR 2T Race Edition (2018-2024) 300RR 2T (2018-2024) 300RR 2T Race Edition (2018-2024) 300RX 2T (2021-2024) 350RR 4-T (2023-2023) 350RR 4T (2024-2024) 350RR 4T Race Edition (2018-2024) 350RR-S 4T (2018-2023) 350RS 4T (2024-2024) 390RR 4-T (2023-2023) 390RR 4T (2024-2024) 390RR 4T Race Edition (2018-2024) 390RR-S 4T (2018-2023) 390RS 4T (2024-2024) 430RR 4-T (2023-2023) 430RR 4T (2024-2024) 430RR 4T Race Edition (2018-2024) 430RR-S 4T (2018-2023) 430RS 4T (2024-2024) 480RR 4-T (2023-2023) 480RR 4T (2024-2024) 480RR 4T Race Edition (2018-2024) 500RR-S 4T (2018-2023) 500RS 4T (2024-2024) Xtrainer 300 (2015-2024)

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