Enduro Engineering Lower Right Fork Guard For Yamaha and Sherco 32-254

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Enduro Engineering is all about protecting your bike and the fragile parts you may forget about. And with this Lower Right Fork Leg Guard you can get the bomb-proof protection EE is known for on the vulnerable bottom of your right fork.

This guard is a billet part made from tough yet light aluminum alloy and it comes in a bare finish that shows off Enduro Engineering’s precision CNC machining. It mounts using your axle pinch bolts and two extended bolts that are included, and even better is that when mounted there’s still space to remove your axle and fit an axle pull. There’s even a through hole in the bottom so you can adjust your rebound without removing the guard.


  • Protects bottom of right side fork
  • Billet aluminum alloy construction
  • Precision CNC machined
  • Lightweight and very strong
  • Mounts using axle pinch bolts
  • Includes 2 extended length bolts
  • Hole allows rebound adjustment without removing guard
  • Allows axle removal and fitment of axle pull

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