Enduro Engineering Blue Composite Moto Roost Deflector Handguards 53-223

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Enduro Engineering started building high performance off-road racing products to fill the needs of local racers back in 1988. Now 29 years later Enduro Engineering have grown, but still have the same philosophy, to ensure that Enduro Engineering products will stand up to the high demands of the top level racers around the world and the average riders alike.

Universal Composite Moto Roost Deflectors (53-223) by Enduro Engineering. Color: Blue. Installs directly to bar using the included hardware. Made of durable Polypropylene, this injection molded deflector is the perfect mate to Enduro Engineering aluminum Debris Deflector.

Comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and are sold in pairs. Installation is quick and easy with nylon mounting straps with molded in nylock nuts. No drilling or tapping needed.


  • Open Ended Composite Moto Roost Deflectors Mounting Kit with Blue EVO2 Roost Deflector
  • Open Ended Design offers and open handlebar which some riders Prefer
  • Slim Design leaves more room for controls
  • Helps Deflect Roost away from your hands and Controls
  • Universal Handlebar fit
  • Fits ATVs, Motorcycles, or Snowmobiles
  • All installation hardware is included
  • Sold in Pairs

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