Star Tron Ring Clean + Plus Deposit Control Fuel Additive Enzyme Technology 16oz

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Star Tron Enzyme Formula Ring Clean+ is formulated with the latest technology for deposit control, plus a proprietary enzyme package designed to remove the toughest deposits while helping to prevent the formation of new deposits.

Ring Clean+ removes deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves, intake ports, and combustion chambers that can lead to engine knock, stuck piston rings, dirty spark plugs, lost power, decreased performance and reduced fuel efficiency. Formulated to work in all boat, motorcycle, car, truck and outdoor power equipment engines.

Ring Clean+ is one of the "50 Best Marine Products" for 2016!


Formulated with the latest technology deposit control compounds, plus a proprietary enzyme package designed to remove existing deposits and help prevent the formation of new deposits
Improves fuel combustibility to keep engines clean and operating at peak performance levels
Ideal for removing deposits caused by ethanol-blended fuel
Keeps carburetors, fuel injectors, intake ports and combustion chambers clean
Works in all gas engines use every 4th or 5th fill up or as often as needed to keep engines in optimal condition
Treats up to 160 gallons (600 liters) of gasoline


INSTRUCTIONS: Use 1 fl. oz. of Ring Clean+ for every 10 gallons of fuel. Recommended treatment rate is every 4 to 5 tanks or as often as needed. Using original Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment at every fuel fill is also recommended to keep the engine operating at peak performance levels. Safe for use in all gas engines.

MPN: 095616

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