Enduro Engineering Alum Moto Roost Deflector Open Ended Mount Kit Yamaha/Honda

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Enduro Engineering's Aluminum Open Ended Moto Roost Deflector Mount Kit comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and are sold in pairs. Enduro Engineering goes with a proven and robust design that uses an aluminum mounting arm that offers more clearance for your hands and levers.

Plastic Roost Deflector required Part number 51-220 Thru 51-229 will be required

Fits Yamaha bikes 2014 - 2020 with Nissan mounts.

Fits Honda bikes 2016 - 2020 with Nissan mounts.
Please check your bike for compatibility.


Mounted directly to the brake and clutch lever perches
Does not take up any extra space on the handlebars
Pocket on the composite arm allows deflector to flex on impact or crash
Includes all mounting hardware
Sold as a pair

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