5 Optronics 3/4" Amber LED Non Directional Marker Lights With Install Kit And Grommet MCL10AKB

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3/4" Diameter PC rated round Submersible Waterproof, LED trailer light functions as both a clearance and side marker light when properly mounted.Durable polycarbonate base and lens. Recessed mount with included grommet with a 2-Wire pigtail.


  • 5 Optronics MCL10AKB Lights
  • 20' 1/4" Black Loom
  • 50' Red 16g Wire
  • 50' Black 16g Wire
  • 1 roll of black Electrical tape
  • 1 16g Fuse Holder
  • 1 15 Amp Fuse
  • 2 blue Female Connectors
  • 2 blue Butt Connectors
  • 2 Ring Terminals
  • 20 4" Zip ties


  • Small, round trailer light functions as both a clearance and side marker light when properly mounted
  • LEDs make great replacements for incandescent lights
  • Last 50 times longer
  • More efficient - provide brighter light with less power output
  • No bulbs to replace - no brittle filaments
  • Durable polycarbonate housing and lens
  • Amber lens over white LED
  • Compatible with 12V DC systems
  • Recessed mount with included grommet
  • 2-Wire pigtail includes power lead and ground wire
  • PC rated light produces a 180-degree beam pattern


Dimensions: 3/4" diameter x 15/16" thick
Diodes: 1
Power draw at 12V: 0.052 amps

Sonically Sealed, Waterproof Trailer Light

The waterproof construction of this light makes it ideal for use on trailers that may be submerged, like a boat trailer. The housing and lens are sonically sealed together to create a single unit, which means that water will not get into the light and damage the diodes or circuit board.

A PC-rated light produces a 90-degree angle of light to either side of its centerline for a total of 180 degrees of coverage. This beam pattern can be clearly seen when you are standing directly in front of the light, as well as when you are standing on either side of the light. When properly installed, this type of light can function as both a front clearance light and a side marker light or as a rear clearance light and side marker light.

Recessed-Mount Light Recessed-mount trailer lights install with a grommet, which is often sold separately. These lights extend past the trailer surface and require a hole for installation. If replacing a light, you can utilize the pre-existing hole.

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