10 Pack Pipeman's Installation Solution 1200 W 120 V AC Rotating Voltage Protector PROTECT-E-RAE

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For Refrigerators, Freezers, Televisions, Computers, Water dispensers or any Appliances. Pipeman's Install Solution's Protect Voltage Protectors safeguard your appliance from High or Low voltage by interrupting the current flow.

Once the voltage returns to normal, the SAFETY CYCLE will light up for 4 minutes before it turns to green. After this period, the green light will turn on which will allow the current to flow.

Please note that the function of this product is similar to a fuse, where a sufficient power surge will disrupt its function in order to protect the appliance plugged in. The product can only do so once, so after it has protected the appliance from a surge it is spent and will no longer continue to function.


  • 350 Degree Rotating Plug
  • Capacity: 1200W
  • Delay Time: 180”
  • Working Voltage: 120 AC
  • Safety Range: 90~140V AC
  • 50~60Hz Auto Sensing
  • Under-voltage: 90V AC
  • Over-voltage: 140V AC
  • Working Current: 10A
  • Over-voltage and Under-voltage protection


Over-voltage, under-voltage and power failure protection. Instantaneous peak protection and grounding.
Over-voltage, under-voltage, stand-by cycle and normal voltage indicator.

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